Safe Return

Getting Ready to Head Home

At Chase Center, our Safe Return Program helps you and your family get ready for the next step in your recovery. We’ll teach you how to maintain your balance; manage your pain, dysphagia or other medical needs; and guide you as you arrange for any needed home care. We will set up a medication management plan, advise you about needed follow-up care or outpatient therapy, and offer nutrition and exercise tips. We share information with family members so your living area will be comfortable and safe—renting a hospital bed if needed; clearing adequate space; moving area rugs; making sure there’s a place for medication, personal care items and refreshments; and having a nearby chair for visitors. We’ll go over any equipment you may need—a wheelchair, walker, shower chair or other items. In short, we’ll cover all the bases so you and your home will be ready for your return to greater independence in your life.

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